You Become What You Think



Close your eyes for a few seconds…

No really, go and head a do that for about 10 seconds and then come back to reading this.

Do you hear that?

It’s called the little voice inside your head and it runs your life. Throughout the course of a day we have anywhere between 50-80,000 thoughts that go through our minds. 90% of them are repeated and 80% of them are so called negative thoughts. See, our brains we’re designed to bring us success and happiness. They have evolved to help us survive. And, since we don’t have to worry anymore about the saber tooth tiger jumping out of the woods, or being attacked by another tribe in the middle of the night, we worry about test scores and how many likes our latest post on social media is going to get. So until we bring these thoughts to our awareness, they run our lives and we call it fate. But, through mindfulness meditation we can bring these thoughts into our awareness, we can change our relationship to them and influence our outcome.

Many of us have probably heard the quote from The Buddha that says “We become what we think”. But, why is this? It’s because our thoughts influence how we feel, our feelings influence our actions, our actions turn into habits and our habits repeated, consistently over time add up to who we become and what we accomplish.  When we practice mindfulness we are creating awareness of our thoughts, feelings and actions so we can spend our time intentionally.

Checkout today’s video to learn how this concept applies to our diets.

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