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Why You Matter More Than You Realize



Every Monday morning I have a call with our team to set our weekly commitments and discuss any upcoming projects.  Usually it’s the ideal way to get started for the week. But, this Monday I got off the phone, took my dog for a walk, meditated and afterwards just felt exhausted.  I just wanted to go back to sleep. But, what I didn’t realize was that subconsciously I was focusing on getting my taxes done and a huge new project. One that was a bit overwhelming and I wasn’t exactly looking forward to starting.

I usually never check my emails in the morning, but I did today and received one from my meditation studio, Unplug, in Los Angeles.  The opening line stated:

Do you ever stop and think about the ripple effect that you have? Go ahead, close your eyes and think about it. What about your ripple is brilliant and what could you shift? 

When I read this my entire energy shifted. “I have a lot to do today. But, getting my taxes done and tackling this project are opportunities to make an impact” I might not like doing my taxes, but if I want to run our business and positively influence other people’s lives it’s something I have to get done.  I started to think about the players texting me trying to come out to Los Angeles for workouts and the feedback I’ve gotten from all the work we do.

I mean way more to people than I give myself credit for.

And, you matter. Regardless of the position you’re in.

You influence and impact others.  Genuinely smiling and engaging in a short conversation with someone at the checkin counter at your gym matters. Holding the door for someone matters. Letting someone in front cut in front of you in traffic matters. It’s the little things like this that everyone can do everyday that shift our world.

We are all one. And, it starts with you.



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