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The Formula to Beat 90% of Your Competition



Making the assumption that all players work hard (obviously they don’t, but bear with me), the two biggest separators in development that I see are consistency and detailed focus.  Some players simply don’t train often enough and most players don’t train with intense focus and attention to detail.

Phil Beckner, Damian Lillard’s personal skills trainer,  is one of the most respected trainers in basketball circles. He said:

“You can beat 50% of your competition by consistently showing up and working hard.

You can beat the next 40% by doing things with urgency and detail.

The last 10%… is simply a dogfight.”

In my experience training and coaching thousands of players over the last 10 years, the players that have maximized their potential have exactly these traits… they are consistent, hard working, focused and detailed.

If your goal is to be the best that you can possibly be, whatever level that may mean for you personally, these these traits will allow you to maximize the effects of your training and your overall performance. Are you actually working hard or just think you are?  Do you work on your game daily or just when you feel like it?  Are you focused and detail oriented or going through the motions?  Whether the answer is yes, no, or sometimes, having an awareness of these these characteristics gives your the opportunity to change and grow to maximize your potential.

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