Should I Still Do Strength Training In-Season?



Guest Post From Coach Mike Mahon, CSCS, Professional Basketball Performance Consultant

Dear aspiring basketball players and coaches,

Today I want to share with you a common question that the basketball community has struggled with for decades:

“With all the games and practice sessions occurring during basketball season, should I still incorporate a strength training program in-season?”

Before I answer the above question, please take a moment to think about it yourself…

(Note: To answer this question all it takes is a simple “Yes!” or “NO!”.)

Do you have your answer now?

What is it?



Whatever it is, keep it in the back of your mind and prepare to receive some serious in the trenches basketball training knowledge that you can start applying TODAY!

So here’s my answer…

“YES!” – you should 100% percent incorporate an in-season basketball strength training program into your workout.



Great question, here’s my helpful response for you to enjoy and benefit from:

A) In-season basketball strength training will help to maintain the solid foundation of strength that was built throughout the

off-season and pre-season.

B) In-season basketball strength training not only helps with physical strength, it also enhances focus and mental toughness which directly transfers over to both practices and games.

C) In-season basketball strength training sessions are time-efficient and can produce fantastic results in a short amount of time.

D) With the right setup, in-season basketball strength training sessions can be accomplished with little or no equipment.

E) In-season basketball strength training sessions provide a healthy insurance policy for both players and coaches because they reduce the chance of possible injury.

F) The great ones (MJ, Kobe, Lebron) ALL use/used this strategy to give both their teams and themselves the edge they need to be their very best in-season.


If you’ve read this far today, I’m willing to bet that you’re beginning to notice that performing strength training in-season can be a real benefit to you and your team this season.


With that in mind, I’m going to hook you up with some extremely helpful in-season basketball strength training fundamentals, and a BONUS 100% free training program that you can use starting today!


Awesome, RIGHT? 😀


Section A) Laying Your Foundation For Successful In-Season Basketball Strength Training


1) Understanding Training Frequency:


Know that strength training 1-2X a week is sufficient for in-season basketball strength training.


(Note: Your eyes are not deceiving you… 1-2X a week is really all that is required to continue building on the solid strength training foundation that was built during both the off-season and pre-season.)


2) Understanding When And Why To Take A Break:


If your season’s playing schedule requires you to play in a tournament or a high volume of games during any particular week, you can actually skip in-season basketball strength training all together 100% guilt-free without negatively affecting any performance. With that in mind, do not let your mind play tricks on you to use this as an excuse not to strength train during the week because you’re lazy (or your team is lazy)… instead be sure to use it as a tool to give your team the advantage because you now have a more solid sports science training foundation then your opponents.


(Note: The reason that you can plan a lay off from your in-season basketball strength training sessions is due to the fact that the body WILL NOT lose strength unless it has not trained for 14 days. With this in mind, feel free to use this strategy when it’s needed to give your team the advantage they need to stay fresh and explosive for their games.)


3) Simplicity Always Wins:


During the in-season, it’s highly recommended for you to keep the in-season basketball strength training sessions simple. I’ll go more into this in an actual example shortly. When in doubt, adhere to the *LESS IS MORE PRINCIPLE*, O.K.?


At this point, I’m positive that your foundation for in-season strength training has gotten significantly stronger so let’s transition into how to actually get your body (or your team’s body) stronger in-season.


Introducing ‘The Naked Baller’ In-Season Basketball Strength Training Program


Now it might shock you that I called this highly efficient and effective workout ‘The Naked Baller’, but the truth is there is a specific reason for it.


Drum-roll for the reason…




…’The Naked Baller’ is a 100% no excuses, no non-sense, and no equipment body weight strength training program. Best of all, ‘The Naked Baller’ builds real strength and explosion that every baller needs in-season (but so few ballers actually have when it’s game time).


Here’s the 4 Main Components Of ‘The Naked Baller’ You Need To Know…


Component #1: The Exercises

A) Total Body Explosion: Body weight Squat Thrust

B) Upper Body Pull: Body weight Pull-Up

C) Lower Body Strength: Body weight Squat

D) Upper Body Push: Body weight Push-Up


Component #2: The Sequencing Of The Exercises


Perform exercises A-D back to back with little or no rest in between in a circuit fashion.

Ex: If you have a team of 12 players, have 4 stations set up (one for each exercise). After each group completes their outlined reps for their station, the players can simply progress to the next station. Remember – only rest when needed or during transitions from one station to the next. All reps for each individual must be completed before moving to the next station.


Component #3: The Rep Ranges


10-15 reps per exercise.

Component #4: Total Sets

2-3 sets.


Congratulations my friend, you now have in your hands an in-season training code to keep you/your team in top form all season long. As with anything, you will get out of it what you put into it. I know if you stay committed, and consistent the results that you desire will come – GUARANTEED!

Until next time – don’t sleep on success, dream it…do it…and DOMINATE!

Dedicated to your basketball success,


Coach Mike Mahon, CSCS, Professional Basketball Performance Consultant

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