Your In-Season X-Factor Part #3



Guest Post From Coach Mike Mahon, CSCS, Professional Basketball Performance Consultant

Dear aspiring basketball players and coaches,

Thanks again for stopping by Thrive3 today to read our third installment of “Your In-Season X-Factor”.

Before I share with you In-Season X-Factor #3, I want to make sure that you’ve read part #1  of our series on ‘Cold Immersion Training’, and part #2 on ‘Active Recovery Days’.

If you haven’t read part #1 or part #2  yet be sure you read them today, O.K.?

This way you have every advantage you possibly can.


…And since we’re on the topic of advantages let’s get started!

Introducing In-Season X-Factor #3: ‘Compression Clothing’


So what exactly is ‘Compression Clothing’ anyway?


‘Compression Clothing’ is a powerful recovery tool that I was first introduced to back in 2012 by Coach Nate Thomas out of Las Vegas, Nevada (THANKS NATE!) that is specifically used to help players recover from basketball games, practices, and workout’s quicker and with less wear and tear on their bodies.


So how does ‘Compression Clothing’ work?

‘Compression Clothing’ is a spandex like material that is form fitting to an athlete’s body. The clothing creates compression on different parts of the body, allowing for greater venous return and oxygenation to muscles that directly enhances a basketball player’s ability to recover. This is extremely important in-season.


Why should I wear ‘Compression Clothing’ ?


It’s simple. When a player pushes themselves hard during the season, it takes time for them to

recover and perform optimally again. Wearing ‘Compression Clothing’ can significantly decrease the time it takes for a player to recover, and significantly correlates to vertical jump performance, blood lactate removal, and even muscle swelling and pain. The result is better performance in-season!

You do want better in-season basketball performance, RIGHT?


What type of ‘Compression Clothing’ garments are there to choose from?


Good question, here’s a short list of different types of ‘Compression Clothing’ for your reading enjoyment:


  • Tights
  • Shorts
  • Long sleeve shirts
  • Short sleeve shirts
  • Socks
  • Arm sleeves
  • Gloves


Do any superstar NBA pro’s use ‘Compression Clothing’?


Yes – I’ll give you -3- for starters:

  1. Lebron James
  2. Dwayne Wade
  3. Demar Derozen


If you ever wondered why Lebron is so consistently springy, I’m willing to bet that his ‘Compression Clothing’ plays a big role since it’s scientifically proven to help vertical leap performance regenerate after intense sporting activity.


Where Can I find scientific evidence to back up today’s X-Factor?


Research the 2013 study in the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance.

Also, be sure to experiment with it yourself. I’m a firm believer that science doesn’t have all the answers, so be sure to make up your own mind up on this yourself and do your own research, O.K.?


Congratulations my friend! You now officially hold in your hand another ‘In-Season X-Factor’ to take your basketball team/personal game to the next level. Remember, every little edge you can get your hands on makes a difference…but it only makes a difference if you apply it. It’s my sincere desire to help make you the best player/team that you can possibly be so make the most of today’s winning strategy and I’ll see you in our next ‘In-Season X-Factor’.


Dedicated to your basketball success,

Coach Mike Mahon, CSCS, Professional Basketball Performance Consultant






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