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Redefining The Summer Camp




The Thrive3 Basketball Academy is redefining what it means to attend a summer basketball camp. When the game changes the training has to evolve with it. A comprehensive Basketball Academy , designed for Boys Grades 5-9, this experience will train, transform and elevate your game to the next level.


Stop settling for less. If you desire a game that let’s you blow by defenders off the dribble, score with ease in traffic and create your own shot, the most effective solution is an innovative, cutting-edge and dynamic player development program.

Learn how to surpass your own limitations, turn a weakness into a strength and transform your game at our Thrive3 Basketball Academy. Enroll today to secure your spot.

Day 1: Building the Foundations for Sustained Basketball Excellence

A challenge that even NBA players have is that they missed the foundation. The highlights on SportsCenter don’t show up unless you have a solid base to improvise off of. Build your foundation on day 1 to blow by your defender, implement Signature NBA Moves and create game carryover.

Day 2: Blowing By Your Defender

Learn the simple, subtle details — most players miss — that will help you break down your defender off of the dribble and out of triple threat.

Day 3: NBA Signature Scoring Moves

Learn over 30 different moves we’ve implemented from studying NBA players. Ones that you can use, at your level, to score more points.

Day 4: Break Through To Your New Game

Having individual skills is great, but only if they carryover to the game. On Day 4 you’ll be executing the skills, concepts and moves — learned in the first 3 days — in game situations to so they show up when coaches are watching.


Boys Grades 5 and Up looking to transform their game


Mike Lee

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