Inspired by the NBA. Designed for you.

Before players make it to college or the NBA, they are just kids with a dream. They aren’t supposed to make it. But they do. Will you be next?


The Thrive3 Experience

Point Guard Academy

The complete point guard. Mind, body and skills.

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Improve your basketball IQ and Decision Making

Your skills are only as good as your mind. Learn how to make reads fast, but play at your own place.

Detailed ball screen scoring and passing reads

Learn how what type of passes to make, and scoring moves to use, based on 6 different defensive coverages.

The power of your mind. Now available.

Success starts first in our mind. Learn how to tap into the zone and optimize your mind for peak performance.

Wing Academy

Signature Moves Create Elite Players

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NBA Signature Scoring Moves

Learn moves we’ve taken from NBA wings that you can incorporate into your game.

Wing Ball Screen Scoring Reads

Learn how to score off the pick and roll based on 6 different defensive coverages.

Optimize your mind

Train your mind to tap into the zone in just 10 minutes per day.

“I’ve been working with Thrive3 since my sophomore year in high school and would not be where I’m at without their training. As my game progressed, so did the training. From working on my shot in high school, to making detailed ball screen reads at the pro level, they’ve been there always helping me get to the next level. I highly recommend working with them.”
– Carrrington Love

“I met and started working with Mike in 7th grade. We’ve worked on everything form breaking down my shot to working on making different reads with screens out of game like settings. Mike does not overlook the little detaisl of that game that can make a difference when it comes to playing. I highly recommend working with him if you want to take your game to the next level”
– Paul Jesperson

Shooting Lab

Customized instruction and proven drills to improve your shot.

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Shooting Lab

Be your own shooting coach. Learn specific step-by-step teaching points to improve your form and makes more shots.

Individual Film Analysis

We’ll film your shot from 4 angles and break it down with you in slow motion so you know exactly what to improve.

NBA Modeling

We learn by modeling (a form of imitation). Through our NBA film analysis you’ll know the correct techinques to imitate with your shot.

Success starts in your mind

Each shooting lab will teach players how to use their mind to make more shots.

Ball Handling Lab

Learn specific step-by-step ball handling workouts to improve your handle at home in 30 minutes per day

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Take to the Court Card

Take home an exact copy of the drills from the Lab so you can work on your handle at home.

Workout Variation

One thing that kills your motivation to work on your game is boredom. Learn over 100 drills to keep your workouts fresh.

Challenge yourself

In order to get to the next level you have to push through discomfort. Our drills help you step outside your comfort zone to improve.

“Thrive3 has great drills to make you better!  I wish I would have had someone like them to train me in high school.  They’ll work just as hard as you do to help you improve your skills!”
– Jerry Smith

Whether you are a pro or are in middle school, if you’re looking to take your game to the next level, I’d highly recommend working with him and his team.”
– Buzz Williams

Elite Scoring Academy

Precise instruction for game-changing results.

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NBA Signature Scoring Moves

Adopted from NBA film study, these moves are applicable to the middle school and high school level.

Scoring off the dribble

Learn open court attack moves to blow by your defender and score more points.

Optimize your mind

Learn mental training and visualization to achieve peak performance.

Essentials Camp

Master the essentials. Build Your foundation. Transform your game.

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Finishing in Traffic

Learn our core 5 finishing moves to score more points.

Foundational Ball Handling

Learn our foundational ball handling drills to put the ball on a string.

Triple Threat Footwork

Learn how to use our signature techniques to blow by your defender out of triple threat.

I had the opportunity to watch Luke when he spent a day at my basketball camp. I was impressed with his energy and I know he made our kids better players. I would strongly recommend him.”
– Jerry Petitgoue

Mike Lee is committed to developing the player to become the best possible player they can be…All levels of basketball development could use more Mike Lees, which would make all coaches’ jobs easier.”
– Dee Brown

Essentials Elite

Learn the skills you need to think the game.

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Finishing in Traffic

Learn our advanced finishing moves to score more points.

Optimize your mind

Learn how to train your mind to play with more confidence and tap into the zone in just 10 minutes per day.

Game Situation Drills

Learn how to think the game with our signature breakdown drills to create game carryover.

Not In Your Area?

We can bring our cutting-edge training to your city or school.

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