Myths and Challenges of Meditation



Meditation is a tool that is being increasingly used by NBA players for mental performance, starting all the way back with Michael Jordan. But, it can be confusing. There are so many different types of meditation — mindfulness, visualization, mantra-based, etc. It’s essentially the same as saying “sports”. The version we mainly focus on is mindfulness with some visualization. And, Even though it was derived from Buddhism it can be practiced in a completely secular way to develop more self-awareness, improve resiliency and increase focus.

Sometimes the easiest way to understand something is to start out by defining what it is not.

  • Meditation is NOT
    • Stopping your thoughts
    • Instant peace of mind
    • Instant focus
  • Myths and challenges of meditation
    • Mental chatter
    • Emotions that arise that make you uncomfortable
    • Don’t have to sit in lotus or easy pose with your legs crossed. I never do because it kills my hips
    • Worried it’s a waste of time
      • Meditation doesn’t take time it actually gives you time because you are way more focused and productive throughout the day, it enhances relationships and helps you be fully engaged in everything that you do.

Be sure to check out today’s video to dive deeper into these myths and challenges.

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