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How to Teach ANY Skills in 6 Simple Steps



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Sometimes it blows my mind how many people have a skill development business. It’s been crazy to see this little industry explode in the past 5 years, with most people building their reputation based on their ability to demonstrate.

And, while demonstration is important, we really take pride in the ability to teach the game.

Because it’s not what you know. It’s what you can get your players to understand, feel, and execute.

We break the game down into simple, easy to learn steps, to apply concept that elite level players use. And, I’m not talking about all the “advanced” stuff guys are posting on YouTube all the time. I’m talking about subtle things, that most players don’t even realize their missing. To finish in traffic, play against contact and make high IQ basketball plays.

Here is the 6 step progression we use to develop every new skill that you can use to teach ANY skill you want.

1) Explain

2) Demonstrate

3) Drill

4) Correct

5) Drill Again

6) Compete


At our Basketball Coaches Academy we’ll be going into more detail on how to break down these skills into simple, easy to learn steps.

I hope to see you in Chicago, May 19.

Mike Lee | Thrive3

Remember we’ll be giving away over $500 in Coaching Resources with registration. And, when you register your can submit your offense to us. We’ll be developing CUSTOM drills for the top 3-4 offenses coaches submit.

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