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Don’t Let Your Dreams Be Dreams, by Mike Lee


I’m currently reading, Put Your Dream To The Test by John Maxwell.  In the beginning of the book he goes through several reason why people give up on their dreams.  Here were three excuses that he came up with and my response to each one.

Excuse #1. Dreams don’t come true for ordinary people:

I came from a small town in the middle of Wisconsin and played NCAA DIII basketball.  I don’t have a dad who played in the NBA, or basketball for that matter.  Nothing from my playing history or upbringing says I should be where I am right now.  I’m not saying that I’m great or trying to be arrogant.  My point is that I am living my dream.  I have a job teaching people how to play basketball.

Excuse #2. If the dream isn’t big, it’s not worth pursuing:

My dream is to make a living teaching players about basketball and life. I don’t see this as a big, far-fetched or almost unrealistic dream.  I’m not quitting my job right now and trying to make it to the NBA.  Your dream might be to be the best coach or player you can possibly be.  I’m not saying that you shouldn’t pursue big dreams.  If you are in check with reality and understand your talents I believe almost anything is possible.

Excuse #3. It isn’t the right time:

This is one of the biggest excuses I hear.  It’s not the right time or I don’t have time.  My question to them is, “do you really want it then?”.  When I started my training business and club teams I was coaching college basketball and taking 15 credits of school. We almost always practiced at 6AM.  Some days I’d get up for practice at 5:15am, head to class after practice for a few hours and was back in my office until 11PM working on film breakdown, practice plans, homework, setting up camps or organizing club teams.  There were some nights I’d be there until 2AM, sleep on my office floor and be ready for practice at 6AM.  Was that the right time for me?

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