The difference between elite and average leaders





As a leader it’s a lot easier to just give someone that you care about the answer than to see them struggle through the ups and downs on their own. The more we care about them, the more compassionate and empathetic we are, the harder it is to see them struggle.  It becomes really hard for us to separate sympathy and empathy.

But real leaders can separate their emotions from the struggle and challenge the person to do more and become more. So mindfulness does two things here.

It allows us to detach emotionally from the struggle of the person we are leading. We need to be empathetic enough to understand, but strong enough not to be attached.

It gives us the patience to not just throw them the answer. It gives us the patience and consciousness to ask the right questions, get them to think for themselves and to come up with the answers on their own. It teaches them that it’s okay to fail and that it is their journey. And they don’t have to live it for someone else.

Enable someone and you create a codependent cycle of disappointment, guilt and shame.

Empower them and you’re a catalyst for responsibility, growth and change.

As a leader, teacher, parent or coach it’s on you to see the difference and be mindful about how your actions are influencing the people you lead.

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