Comparison Is The Thief Of All Joy



As I was scrolling through Instagram tonight I realized that every time I saw someone who was doing something I have been wanting to start — like a podcast — I felt this pang of anxiety. And it all stemmed from the fact that I thought what I was doing right now wasn’t good enough. I thought to myself “I should have a podcast up and running by now, I should have sold more books and I should be writing my next one already” You name it. I was thinking it.

And, since starting to branch out into some other areas besides basketball I’ve realized how insanely hard it is to not look at someone else’s finished product.

We look at Lewis Howes today and don’t remember he was once broke on his sister’s couch. We don’t remember that Steph Curry was barely recruited out of college. We don’t remember that Tony Robbins was a janitor. And, I don’t remember that I started my first summer camp by making flyers in Microsoft Word and printing them on my mom’s computer.

I think it was so much easier for me when I started my first business because there wasn’t much to compare it to. There wasn’t even close to the amount of content out there as there is today. And when we consume other people’s content — ones we aspire to be like — subconsciously we are always thinking a couple things.

  1. They did it so I can do it too
  2. Or more likely, I’m so far behind where they’re at I might as well not even start.

This constant comparison is the thief of all joy. It’s what leads to so much of our anxiety and depression in this country. We are constantly being bombarded with media messages implying that we are not enough and that we must work harder, spend more and do more to have any value. Even though all the scriptures, no matter where they are from, say we have infinite value. It’s not predicated on the work that we do, our zip codes or our bank accounts.

When we are living in this state of comparison it completely takes us out of the present, which is the only state of mind where we can influence our future.

The best thing you can do for your future self is be present in this current moment. To start where you are, with what you have and do it to the best of your ability.

Because the bottom line is, as much as we aspire to be Gabby Bernstein, Tony Robbins or Steph Curry we never will be. But, they also will never be you. We all bring our unique experiences to the table. And, when we share these in a vulnerable, authentic way we allow room for human connection. This connection builds trust, which is the foundation to be able to serve. To make others feel that they are not alone, that they are safe, they are loved and they matter. Please. Stop comparing yourself. You are uniquely you. This is your story. Bring you to the table, show up everyday and watch your world change.

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