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Score Like A Pro With These 7 Moves



Many times scoring the basketball is about improving at the simple, subtle details, that give you an edge. These are moves that we’ve used to develop middle school through NBA players and coaches over the past 10 years. And, I know you’ll increase your scoring average if you put in the work with these moves. Obviously you have to work on other aspects of your game, but this scoring series is something you can incorporate into your existing workout


  1.  Freeze Three
  2.  Hesi Pullup
  3.  Hesi Veer
  4.  Hesi Cross
  5.  Hesi Cross Step Back
  6.  Inside Out Shuffle
  7.  Inside Out Cross





Make 5 of each move


Advanced High School

Make 2 in a row of each move | 2 sets



Make all 7 in a row



Make 5 of each move AND make all 7 in a row to finish the workout

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