I had a bad experience with ball screens



When I was a freshman in college we implemented a ball screen motion offense, something I didn’t have much experience with at all.

And it didn’t go so well.  I would try to dribble off the screen and just get stuck. It’s kind of like when you’re late for an event, speeding down the a busy highway, trying to switch lanes and look out for cops at the same time. Of course you’ve never done this, but I’m sure you’ve seen something like it in the movies.

As a guard running ball screens you are in a very similar position. You have to be able to 3 things almost simultaneously

1. Feel your defender

2. Attack the hedge/show

3. Read the help side.

But if you don’t know what to look for at each of those levels you can get stuck. And, many times end up right back where you started like getting pinned behind a slow car or getting pulled over.

At our Point Guard Blueprint Academy we’ll teach you how to make quick and efficient reads off different types of ball screen angles to make more plays for yourself and teammates.  Through NBA film analysis, on court demonstrations and breakdown drills you’ll be able to use ball screens to score more points and get more assists this season.

Checkout what Carrington Love, former Milwaukee Pius XI and Wisconsin-Green Bay standout, has to say about us helping him develop his point guard skills.

P.S. Payment plans are available for the Academy. Lock in your spot for only $200 today.

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