The Two Worst Four Letter Words




As you probably know by now I am a huge advocate of meditation and mindfulness. They have changed my personal and professional lives in so many ways.  And, with a mindfulness practice comes a ton of awareness.  Recently, I’ve noticed 2 phrases that have come up in my self-talk (or most likely have always been there) that are extremely detrimental.

“I wish” and “I hope”.

In and of themselves these words are great. Hope provides people the energy and belief to take action. But if we rest in hope and wishing, without taking action, it leads to misery.

I’ve caught myself stating “I wish” and “I hope” a lot lately.

“I wish this flight had wifi”

“I wish I could just sleep longer”

“I wish this yoga class was at a different time”

“I hope this program books this camp”

“I hope this school recruits my kid”

“I hope that check comes today”

Why are these two worlds so detrimental? Because they take us completely out of the present. They put us in the past and future, both which are out of control. They take us out of the present and put us into anxiety, worry and fear. As Russell Simmons says, “worry doesn’t change shit. Focus does”

Pay attention to your self-talk this week and see if these phrases come up. And, if they do investigate how it affects your energy.  Pause, breathe and bring yourself back to the present.

Dream Big. Be Fearless. Love More.


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