Custom Drills Create Extraordinary Results

Only by knowing real training, will you be able to see the distinction between the false and the real. It's something you can't know. It's what you have to experience.

We Create Skills Not Drills

Small Group Training

Our small group training — limited to 6 girls — will take you from where you’re at to where you want to be. From 6th man to starter, High School to College or College to Pro. We’ll get there. Together.


Our essentials sessions we break down elite level NBA concepts — applicable to the middle school and high school level — and show you how to implement them into your game.

Finishing in the Paint

Learn our Core 5 Finishing Moves. The only finishes that 97.3% of high school players need to master.

Dribble Attack Moves

Ball Handling moves and drills to blow by your defender.

Confidence Building

Game situation drills to build more confidence against stronger, more athletic players.

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“At Thrive3 the entire staff is continuously studying the game – giving cleints the confidence we are always receiving elite level instruction. The entire organization goes beyond basketball. Each trainer takes a genuine interest in our kids lives.”
– Kevin Rohde

“Sam Price’s work ethic and commitment to totally athlete training makes her a solid and authentic role model for today’s athlete. Players who want to get to the next level will love working with Sam.”
Michelle Peplinski
Head Girls Coach, Eau Claire North High School


To get to the next level you have to be continually moving outside of your comfort zone. We take you there in our advanced workouts so you’re comfortable in games.

Proven Drills to Transform Your Game

In a game you don’t have time to react — you have to play the game. Our reaction-based drills are proven to develop your basketball instinct and help you play with more flow.

Relentlessly Moving to the Next Level

With our advanced training you are elevating your game to new levels by continually setting goals, beating them and setting your sights higher.

Decision Making and IQ Drills

Learn how to think the game with our signature game situation drills. When you get there in a game you’ve already been there with us thousands of times.

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“Sam Price is exemplifies what it means to reach your true potential. And, in doing so she became an authentic role model for all girls. They can look at Sam and know ‘ If she can do that drill or move then I can do it too”
– Mike Lee

“Sam’s energy and enthusiasm for the game of basketball is contagious. She is very knowledgeable and has the ability to break down the fundamentals and challenge players at any age. Sam’s passion has been proven through her drive to inspire others to become the best they can be.”
– Lori Fish


Milwaukee, WI

5510 W Bluemound Rd.
Milwaukee, WI 53214
(414) 255-6718

Which Class is Right for Me?

If a drill is too challenging many times we become frustrated and want to quit. If it’s too easy we’ll become bored. Choosing the appropriate training session allows you to maximize your time and prepare you for the next level of training



For grades 6 and up to build a foundation for their game.

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Typically for grades 9-12 this training progresses into game situations and reads.

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College & Pro


For college or pro player looking to get an edge on the competition.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How many players train together?

Small group classes are limited to six players. Limiting the size of the group to six ensure that each player receives individual attention, detailed instruction, and a significant number of repetitions.


Do I have to create my own small group?

No. Groups are formed by individual players signing up for the appropriate class online.


Are groups separated by age?

No. All training groups are separated by skill level. This is accomplished by players starting in our Essentials classes to develop their skill base and moving to our Advanced classes when appropriate for each player. What class each player attends and how fast they progress is determined on an individual basis.


How long are training sessions?

Each training session is 55-60 minutes in length.


Why aren’t your sessions longer?

It’s all about efficiency. Many clients tell us they get way more out of a 55 minute session with us than 10 session with another trainer. It’s why we’ve had players from all of the country come to Milwaukee to train with us


What ages do you work with?

Our individual and small group training programs start at grade 6 and range into professional players.


Where are training sessions held?

All training sessions are held at 5510 W Bluemound Rd, Milwaukee.


When are training sessions held?

We have training sessions almost every day of the week. To view the most current schedule click here.


How do I set up a training session?

You can purchase a training package and schedule your sessions here.


More Questions?

We’d be happy to answer any other questions you may have. Please contact Luke Meier at or 414-255-6718.

Not in Your Area?

We can bring our cutting-edge training to your city or school.

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