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Dinner With the Raptors’ Matt Thomas



I had dinner the other night with Matt Thomas, who just signed with the Toronto raptors out in Los Angeles. If you didn’t see his story I wrote a few weeks ago click here. It’ll be the best two minutes you have all day. 

We spent a majority of the dinner talking about getting an edge. Doing the things that most aren’t willing to do in order to give yourself that extra 1%. Which, at the highest level, makes an incredible difference.

  1. Routines Matt shared with me some of the speakers that they had at rookie orientation in New York City and one of them that stood out to him was Ray Allen. He talked a lot about the importance of having routines in order to help you find a sense of being grounded and focus before games.
  2. Meditation is something I introduced to Matt back when he was early in his college career and has said has made such a difference.  Just like when you lift your muscles exhibit physical evidence of change.  When we meditate we are physically changing areas of our brains that are associated with awareness and focus.
  3. Nutrition is one of the things Matt was most excited about was having access to with the Raptors. What you eat literally becomes the cells of your body, which is why it’s so important to incorporate clean fuel in your diet.

In my experience it’s the ones who are seriously committed to their craft that are always looking for an edge. To do what others are not willing to so that when the times comes they have an advantage.  These three areas are crucial to getting an edge.

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