What Separates Kobe Bryant…Perfect Feet, by Luke Meier


A few nights ago in the Lakers first round playoff series against the Jazz, Reggie Miller made the statement that Kobe Bryant’s footwork is what separates him from all the other players in the league.  Michael Jordan was also recognized for his incredible footwork. It’s no surprise that two of the greatest players in basketball history have this common bond.  They developed great feet through countless repetition and their second to none work ethics.  Great footwork is essential for a fundamentally sound basketball player.  Regardless of size, strength, or athleticism, you have the ability to develop great footwork.  Like anything else in the game of basketball it takes repetition.  Here are a few tips to develop great feet:

1.    Learn the correct footwork and rehearse it slowly without a ball.  Once, you have the move down, begin to speed it up until you can go full speed while maintaining the correct footwork.
2.    Add a ball.  Again start slowly, mastering the footwork, and speed it up until you can go full speed.
3.    Practice, Practice, Practice!  Practice doesn’t make perfect.  Perfect practice makes perfect.  During your workouts make a conscious effort to focus on your feet.  At the end of a workout when you are tired, don’t let fatigue make your feet sloppy.  Execute each repetition with perfect feet!

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