Nike Girls Skills Academies…Take A Lesson From the Girls, by Mike Lee


It has been an honor the past 2 weekends to work with some of the top high school girls from the West Coast and the Midwest.  Some of them could really go!  What I was most impressed with other than some of their skills was their attitude and willingness to learn.  Before almost every session I had a girl ask me to work on some part of their game; learning the euro-step, a dribble drop series or their footwork.  The difference I noticed from most boys was the girls stayed persistent until they really understood the footwork of the moves.  They weren’t afraid what other people thought of them working on their game or were embarrassed to make mistakes.  When you are at camp this summer grab a coach before or after a session to work on something extra.  Ask a coach to show you their favorite 3 point drill, teach you a new move or ball handling drill.  Be a sponge and soak up as much information as you can.  The smarter player you are the easier the game will become!

Thank You To Mary Thompson and Nike Basketball!!!

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